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D. S. Senanayake College

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D.S.Senanayake College
තමාට ෙපර රට

(Thamàta Péra Rata)

Country Before Self
Colombo 07, Sri Lanka Flag of Sri Lanka
Type Public
Established February 10, 1967
Founder R.I.T.Alles
Principal Dr.Asoka Senani Hewage
Grades Class 1 - 13


Gender Boys
Enrollment 6500
Students Senanayakiens
Colour(s) Black & Gold


D.S.Senanyake College is one of the premier educational institutes in Sri Lanka.

It was established on the February 10, 1967 under the stewardship of R. I. T. Alles. It is the only school to have gained preeminence after being established in the post colonial era. During its comparatively short history it has become

one of the prestigious and sought after schools in the country. As a tribute to its excellent education, DSSC was presented with the International School Award (ISA) in 2009.

ISA logo



[edit] Location

No. 62 Gregory's Road, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

Logo of the entrance at D.S. Senanayake College

[edit] History

In 1967, the then minister of education I. M. R. A. Iriyagolla initiated the ground work for establishing this new school. It was to be named after the first prime minister of Sri Lanka. He chose a teacher from Royal College, R. I. T. Alles to head this new venture. The location in which the college stands today was at that time called the Kumbikale jungle. It was cleared with the help of the community and some boy scouts from Royal College.

D.S. Senanyake College opened its doors on the 10 February, 1967. The first batch of 167 students was housed in a prefabricated building sheltered by woven coconut leaves. Within a quarter of a century the college had become one of the most popular and prestigious educational institutes in Sri Lanka. Today it is one of the most competitive and sought after school in the country, accommodating close to 6000 students from Kindergarten to the GCE Advance Level.

[edit] D.S. as a leading national school

D.S. Senanayake College has attracted and welcomed a large amount of students who excel at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination. This has given the opportunity for some of the most talented students from under privileged socio-economic backgrounds to attend the college.

The two main examinations to which students study are the GCE (Ordinary level) and the GCE (Advanced level) examinations. The college provides all the support necessary for the students to excel at these exams. The support structure consists of having additional lectures, workshops by renowned lecturers and professors. However it is mainly the extremely dedicated academic staff that is the driving force behind the academic success of its students. From Grade 6, the students have the option to study in either of the three main languages of instruction, namely Sinhalese, Tamil or English.

[edit] Houses

Students of DSSC are divided into 4 houses according to their admission number.

  • – Weera
  • – Shura
  • – Shantha
  • – Meththa

[edit] School Anthem

School Flag
Sip satha sis wetha dina dina gena dun
His his vidu nane dee kala piripun
Wandinemu bathiyena his ath thabamin
Senanayake Viduhal maeni
Dasa diga dasa atha supathala viruvan
Oba akayehi thuruluva sity daruvan
E maga piya maena gos pere daruvan
Thamata pera rata Reakumehi suruvan
Mavpiya lesa salaka oba wandinem
siv desa oba kithu raesa roo andinem
Widhu neana laba diya diya dada bandinem
Oba raka ganumata oba vata sitinem

(English Translation)

Giving the knowledge to students day by day.
Filling the empty brains with wisdom.
(Thus)We worship thee mother Senanayake,
with hands clasped on our head.
The reputed people all over the country.
Were once thy children.
Stepping on their grand footpath
We are capable to be 'Country Before Self'.
We shall worship thee thinking thou art our father and mother,.
We shall make you famous all over the world,.
Getting the wisdom we shall conquer the world.
(And)We shall protect you(from what so ever).

[edit] Sports

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • BasketBall
  • Body Building
  • Cadet Band - Eastern
  • Chess
  • Cycling
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Rugby
  • Scouting
  • Scrabble
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • VolleyBall
  • Water Polo
  • Wrestling
  • Wushu

[edit] Clubs and socities

Here mentioned are some of the clubs and societies in DSSC, which makes the pathway to different interests of students.

  • Agriculture Unit
  • Archives Society
  • Art Foundation
  • Buddhist Society
  • Commerce Society
  • Computer Society
  • Drama Society
  • English Literary Association
  • Environment Society
  • GLOBE society
  • Hindu Society
  • Information Technology Club
  • Islam Society
  • Library Society
  • Media Circle
  • Oriental Music Group('Ghandharva Orchestra')
  • Philatelic Association
  • Photographic Society
  • Radio Electronic and Video graphic Association
  • Science Society
  • Scouts Troop(60th Colombo)
  • Tamil Literary Association
  • Western Music Association
  • Wildlife Society

[edit] How did we get here

The need to educate Children by admitting them into Schools of high standard grew daily. In 1965 the unlimited number of requests to admit children into the Royal College Primary was amazing. By 1966 this problem became more arrogant. Under these circumstances that Minister of Education Hon I M R A Iriyagolla took the initiative to build a new school in Cinnamon Gardens immediately.

Mr. M J Perera, Secretary to the minister who was in charge of finding suitable land was able to locate an empty block of land by Gregory's Road that was formerly used by the Navy. Permission to occupy the land was granted to the Ministry of Education by the Ministry of Defense & the Municipal committee of the area. Thus, plans were made to start the new school immediately.

The construction of a building to insert the first batch of students was undertaken by the State Engineering Corporation under Professor A N S Kulasinghe. All the expenses were borne by the Ministry of Education.

Mr. R I T Alles, a teacher of Royal College was chosen to become the Head Teacher of the new school. Mr. Bogoda Premarathne, Principal of royal College released him with his blessings for the venture. Furthermore, the Cadet Group of Royal College cleared the land area infested with snakes to build the school. The New school building, the backbone of the school was built on the spot that was called "Kumbi Kalei".

[edit] D.S. culture

D.S.S.C. is a college with a grand culture. The school along with the academic staff, the parents, the old boys’ association, the School Development Association and the students, is called The DS family. The DS family is inseparable from one another that it might have been the reason for it to be developed in such a rapid manner.

At the beginning of every year, the parents gather in order to make their child’s class room a beautiful one. They paint the class; do everything to the classes to make a pleasant environment to their children. Furthermore, this getting together does a one great thing. That is the unity among parents. While they work together they build new friendships and repair the old ones.

One main quality, which can be seen in DS students, is their companionship between different Grades. Any student who is in a higher grade is called Ayya or Elder brother, and one who is younger is called Malli which means Younger brother. In DS, it is not a shame to call any elder brother as Ayya or to the other side, as Malli

[edit] Academic staff

DSSC has an academic staff of about 250.

[edit] Prefects

Prefects do a main role in the well keeping of the school. There are 3 stages of Senior Prefects in DSSC.They are entitled to wear the school badge upon their chest. The Head Prefect wears a Golden badge while the other wear Silver.

    • Senior Prefects
      • Head Prefect
      • Senior Deputy Head Prefects
      • Deputy Head Prefects
      • Senior Prefects
    • Student Guides -Grade 13
    • Student Volunteers -Grade 12

These are called the Prefects' Guild. Student Volunteers are selected from Grade 12. Then they will become Guides in Grade 13. After that by vote of the teachers and by a committee, members for the senior board are selected.

[edit] Grade and Classwise

    • Grade Prefects
    • Class monitors

There are Grade Prefects and Class Monitors in every class, and they are selected by Grade Coordinator and Class Teacher, which helps the senior prefects to keep the prestigious DS discipline.

[edit] More about the College

Today, D.S Senanayake College has become one of the Pioneer Education centers of Sri Lanka.With a Student Population of over 6000 & a dedicated Staff of over 250 Teachers, DSSC is a force to reckon with. There are many achievements of excellence both in the Academic & the Non academic Field we have fostered some of the best educational & sporting prospects of this country.

D.S Senanayake College provides education to Students from Grade 1 to 13 in both Sinhala, Tamil & English Mediums. It also provides English Medium studies in Mathematics, Science & Commerce fields for the Advance Level Examinations. The School is fully equipped with Modern Classrooms, Multiple Science Laboratories and Computer Laboratories, Ground & Sports Complex for sports activities. It also has more than 35 Clubs, Societies & Associations engaged in all types of Co curricular activities. There is also a wide range of sporting activities be it the Track, Field or Swimming Pool.

But the most wonderful side of this tale is the success of D.S Senanayake College is that the rapid growth of this establishment in such a short period of 35 years. It was the sole commitment of the Administration of the School, Teachers, Parents and Students & the Old Boys working together to achieve a common goal. Their path was always not cleared. It was a harsh climb to the top, with a lot of sweat, blood & tears in the path that we walked by. Because as our founding Principal Mr. R I T Alles says " D.S was not built of the pocket of the rich man, but of the hand of the humble poor man."

We at DS are all brothers, regardless of race, cast or creed. The blood which bonds us together is this School that has brought us together. The brotherhood of the D.S Senanayake College will always be there to carry the spirit of DS forward, under the Black & Gold banner when they say HAIL THE DONS!!!

[edit] Current Infrastructure

Location:- No: 62, Gregory's Road,Colombo-07.

Land:- 9 acres (36,000 m2): School Grounds: 4 acres (16,000 m2).

Buildings:- 9 Three Story Buildings. 3 Two Story Buildings. 8 Single Story Buildings.

Science Laboratories : 3 Libraries : 3 Reading Rooms : 1 School Grounds : 2 (Including DSCC-International Cricket Ground) Official DSSC Cricket Ground Website Indoor Sports Complex : 1 English Language Centers : 3 Computer Laboratories : 3 Aesthetic Units : 7 Main Hall : 1 Canteens : 2 Agriculture Units : 1 Special Educational Units : 1 Sites Religious Worship : 4 (Buddhist , Hindu , Islamic , Christian ) Dental : 1 OBA Office : 2 Official Residencies : 2 First Aid Unit : 1

[edit] DSSC Old Boys Association

First Batch of students left the college in the year 1979 and the OBA was formed thereafter. First President of OBA was Mr. Ranjan Perera presently CEO of soft logic. OBA celebrated it’s 25th year in 2005.

OBA Web Site :

E-mail Address :
- Official College Website

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