Monday, June 1, 2009

How to place a photo on the map?

During uploads: You can place a photo on the map while it is uploading. After using the 'upload' link, use the button 'map this photo' and follow the steps below.

After uploading: To locate a photo you have previously uploaded, go to the photo page and then use the link “map this photo” on the right and follow the steps below.

There are three ways to place a photo on the map:

a) Searching for the name of the place

  1. You can search for streets in some countries: Third Avenue, New York, Ramblas, Barcelona. You can search for landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji or Cape of Good Hope. Search for names in different languages: Saragossa/Zaragoza, Nueva York/New York, Köln/Cologne or Leipzig/Lipsia. Add the name of province/state/country to the location to find places with common names: Cox, Spain, Cox, California or Cox, England.
  2. Use the map controls to find the right place.
  3. Press “Save position” to finish.

b) Giving the coordinates(temporarily disabled)

You can supply latitude and longitude information in both decimal and sexagesimal formats, for instance: 40.56345 -3.45678. Remember to add a "-" for West longitude and South latitude. Alternatively, you can type them in sexagesimal format 37º 4' 39.11",-110º 57' 53.09".

The exact place will be shown in the map. Press “Save position” to finish.

c) Including coordinates in EXIF

If a photo already has coordinates in EXIF (internal information), it will automatically be placed on the map. You don't need to do anything, just upload the photo, but don't press “map this photo”.

Some EXIF are not readable by Panoramio, please, try using a different EXIF editor like Exifer

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