Monday, June 1, 2009

How to insert a mini-panoramio in your site?

Example of mini-panoramio

This is what you need to write in your site to insert a mini-panoramio frame:

Follow these steps to substitute all the “XXX” with the right value.

  1. Find, in Panoramio World Map, the area of the map you want to show. In the url of the browser you will find the values you should use for latitude lt, longitude ln, zoom level z and kind of map k
  2. If you want to show only the photos from any single user, you need to include their user number. You can find their user number in the url of their personal page. For instance if you want to show the photos of user, you should add user=7.
  3. The width and height attributes are used to specify the size of the frame in pixels (or % of total available size).

For example, to show the world in a mini-panoramio you can use:

Example including photos from only one specific user:

Blogger users: Write the code above in the “Edit HTML” tab.

The mini-panoramio will only show the photos inside the visible area of the map. If you browse the map out of this area, no photos will be shown. The number of photos is limited to 20

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