Monday, June 1, 2009

Adding and removing "Favorites"

Favourites is a list of users or single photos you like and you want to find easily again. You can use favorites to track your friends or a good photographer.

You can add any photo or any user to favorites by clicking on the gray star beside the photo's title or the user's name. The star will change to yellow. You can find your list of favourites in your personal area. You can access your personal area through the link under your username located at the top of all pages in Panoramio

You will receive an e-mail alert when any of your favorites upload a new picture, unless you uncheck the option in your personal area.

If you want to remove anything from your favorites, just go to the page of the user or photo that you want to remove and click on the yellow star (it's at the left of the user's name or the photo's title).

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