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Kegalle is a town in Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. It is located on the Colombo - Kandy road. Its 48 miles/78 km away from Colombo and 24 Miles/40 km away from Kandy. It is the Capital City of the Kegalle District which is one of the two districts belonging to Sabaragamuwa province the other being Ratnapura District. According to the 2001 census Kegalle has a population of 86,581.

The town itself is located close to the centre of Sri Lanka and is located at the bottom of a steep rock face. The town has a junior technical college. The surrounding area produces graphite, precious stones and agricultural products such as rice. Kegalle has an agricultural based economy and mainly produces rubber. Nearby is the Pinnawala elephant orphanage which is a major tourist attraction.

A zoological garden is proposed near the existing elephant orphanage in Pinnawala. There are nine administrative areas in Kegalle.



[edit] Physical Information

District of Kegalle, situated in between the central highlands and western southern planes and has an enchanting environment. Height of the western region is less than 500 feets from the sea level while eastern region exceeds 1000 feets. Rubber cultivation has stretched over most of the area of the District and minor export crops such as coffee, cocoa, pepper, clove and nutmeg takes an important place in the economy of the District. Sri Lanka’s best graphite mine is situated at Bogala in Kegalle District. The extent of the District is 1692.8 km2 (169,280 in hectares).

[edit] Administrative Information

Administration Type Number
Divisional Secretariat Divisions 11
Grama Niladhari Divisions 573
Villages 1,667
Electorates 09
Local Authorities 12

[edit] Population

Population (2005)
Administration Type Number
Female 421,683
Male 404,541
Total Population 826,224
No. of Families 206,348

[edit] Land Usage

Crops Quantity( Hec.)
Paddy 23,516
Tea 18,673
Coconut 27,192
Rubber 89,311

[edit] Reference

Coordinates: 7°15′N 80°21′E/7.25°N 80.35°E/7.25; 80.35

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